Sisterhood is what makes our bond so strong. Nothing is better than getting together with your sisters after a long day, and having a good time with good laughs. Participating in sisterhood events not only bring us closer as sisters, but bring us close to our community as well!


Sisterhood events throughout the year include:

-Ice Skating with the Ice Rays

-Bingo night with prizes

-Pumpkin Carving

-Met for snow cones 

-Tie-Dyed T-shirts

-Potluck dinner 

-Movie night and pizza

-Crafted pink tutus and highbrows for breast cancer education and awareness 

-Crafted to diffuse finals week stress 

-Had a picnic with Rudy's Barbecue 

-And much more!

"The foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha is Love, The Greatest of All Things"

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